Quaker Social Witness

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Welcome . . .

. . . to a section dedicated to New York Yearly Meeting's religious witness on social concerns. From this hub, you can go to:

  • Actions We Have Taken—public stands that New York Yearly Meeting has taken on matters of social concern, known as "minutes of conscience."
  • Let Your Life Speak—an introduction to:
    • the ways that our faith informs our social activism;
    • our collective stands on certain concerns—the Quaker "testimonies"—to which Friends believe God has consistently led us; and
    • resources on leadings, ministry, witness life, and the testimonies.
  • [section under development]
  • Witness committees of New York Yearly Meeting
  • Quaker social witness concerns—a hub for:
    • concerns for which Friends have historical testimonies and for which New York Yearly Meeting has established social witness ministries, and
    • concerns under discernment—issues on which the Yearly Meeting is currently seeking greater clarity.
  • The Sharing Fund—how we support our social witness financially.
  • Social Witness Resources—links to resources on various aspects of social witness and activism
  • Other Quaker witness-oriented organizations.
  • [section under development]

Witness Committees of NYYM