Pay-As-Led and the Equalization Fund

How you can help Friends attend NYYM sessions.

Sessions Committee is committed to making all NYYM sessions affordable for everyone who wishes to attend. As we reported at the 2016 Summer Sessions, we are exploring the possibility of using a Pay as Led process for our 2018 Summer Sessions, a process currently being successfully modeled by New England Yearly Meeting (view the Committee's Pay as Led report).

A complication for NYYM is the rather vast range of prices for room and board at Silver Bay Association—a complication further complicated by the fact that another site for our Summer Sessions has not yet been found. (View a pdf of the committee’s Alternate Sites report.) NEYM Summer Sessions meets on a college campus where all rooms cost the same, so someone who can pay $100 more is easily “matched” with someone who pays $100 less. When the room prices vary, it is much more complicated to ensure that folks pay what they are comfortable paying AND the real price of each room is covered.

While Sessions Committee works on these complications, NYYM already has an immediate and successful process for financial assistance in place—the Equalization Fund (EQ). Currently, we ask for donations to the EQ three times a year on each of our sessions registration forms. And on those same registration forms we make the EQ available to those in need.

However! There is really no need to restrict donations to the EQ to just the three registration forms and therefore, to just those attending a given yearly meeting session. In fact, donations can be made to the EQ fund at any time using our regular online donation platform—in the box labeled “This payment is for:”, simply note you are making a donation to the Equalization Fund!

As a helpful hint, the largest number of rooms we reserve at Silver Bay are in Hebron and Paine Halls. In 2017, those will cost $612 for a double, including room and board. So as you set up your monthly donation to the EQ Fund (we are nothing if not optimistic), you could think in terms of donating $612 by the end of June, so that as people register to attend the 2017 NYYM Summer Sessions and request assistance from the EQ Fund, the funds will be there for us to distribute. 

There is another reason to think good thoughts about making monthly donations to the EQ Fund—next summer, the FGG Gathering will be held in NYYM, at Niagara University, just outside of Niagara, NY. We are encouraging f/Friends to attend the Gathering, not only to support FGC and have a fine time amongst Friends, but to also assess Niagara University as a possible site for our 2019 NYYM Summer Sessions—Niagara University is the first location that has not only had the right spaces for us, but the calendar availability. Attending the 2017 Gathering will give us real life data on how well the site might work for us (even though it is far from being centrally located).

However! The downside of attending the Gathering means that many folks will not have the resources to also attend NYYM Summer Sessions. (Vacation time from work to attend two events in one month is a whole ‘nuther complication over which Sessions Committee has no control, unfortunately. . . .) Therefore, steady contributions to the EQ Fund, with a personal goal of donating $612 by next June, will be especially important for the success of our annual conference.

Again, simply go to, click on the “Donate to NYYM” link on the right, and note “Equalization Fund” in the field labeled “This payment is for:” And as always, Sessions Committee welcomes your thoughts and encouragements. Please contact our clerk, Melanie-Claire Mallison, using her contact information found the NYYM Yearbook.