Let Your Life Speak


This page introduces the ways that our faith informs our social activism and our collective stands on certain concerns—the Quaker "testimonies"—to which Friends believe God has consistently led us. This section of the website is still under development.

Let your life speak. As Friends, we lay upon ourselves the responsibility to live by the Spirit of Love and Truth in each of us. This Spirit can direct every aspect of our lives if we open ourselves to it. It can enable us to reach out to the same Spirit in others. Thus Friends strive to live lives that embody the leadings of the Spirit.

Leadings. As a result of such a leading, sometimes a Friend finds that she or he carries a particular concern for bettering the world in some way, and they may bring that concern to their meeting community for discernment and possible action and support. By "discernment," we mean help in determining whether the leading is of God and help in gaining clarity about God's intention, what the Friend is called to do and how the meeting can support the work.

Testimonies. Out of our experience of these leadings, a tradition of social witness has emerged over time and we have come to agreement about certain truths. We express these truths in what we call our "testimonies"—general statements about right action in the world organized around various areas of social concern. Click the following link to go to our section on Quaker testimonies.

Advices and Queries. Finally, while the Religious Society of Friends does not impose laws or rules for conduct upon its members, we do have what we call Advices and Queries. Advices are suggestions for consideration regarding various aspects of both personal and meeting life. Queries are questions that Friends and their meetings may use to examine their lives in the light of Truth.