InfoShare, February 2013

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 12 February 2013 Number 1
Editor: Steven Davison


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Funding Our Ministry

The Yearly Meeting will finalize its 2013 budget during Spring Sessions on April 5–7. The Provisional Budget approved at Fall Sessions cuts a number of items from the budget and provides for their funding ONLY IF the Yearly Meeting projects sufficient income.

The ministries cut in the Provisional Budget have been designated in three tiers of priority. They include funding for Powell House (First Tier Priority), Young Friends in Residence Program (Second Tier Priority), and a number of other items in the Third Tier. (See the last page of this downloadable file for a table giving the details.) All together, these projects total about $24,000.

We do not have the income to fund these ministries. In fact, it is already a bit of a stretch to meet the approved budget. We need gifts or pledges of gifts payable any time during 2013 in order to fund this important work. Please make a gift now or pledge a gift to be made later in 2013, so that Financial Services Committee can know by March 31st the expected 2013 revenue in order to finalize a budget to be recommended at Spring Sessions.

Please consider making your own gift or pledge and raising the possibility of a re-consideration of your meeting’s level of support as well. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Sandra Beer
Clerk, Financial Services Committee



Upcoming Events





Upcoming Events

Meeting for Discernment—Brooklyn Meeting
Saturday, March 2, 2013, 9 am to 5 pm

Deadline for hospitality requests is February 15. There is no deadline for registration.

Meeting for Discernment is a time of extended worship over the course of a day in which Friends consider a set of queries concerning the spiritual life of our monthly meetings and the Yearly Meeting. All are welcome to attend. Monthly meetings and worship groups are invited to appoint two people to attend. A body of elders will hold us in prayer as we listen to one another and to the spirit. These are the queries for the March 2 meeting:

For the morning session, focusing on monthly meetings:
What are your dreams, yearnings, and hopes for your meeting? What is God calling your meeting to become?

For the afternoon session, focusing on the yearly meeting:
What are your hopes, leadings, and expectations for our yearly meeting as a gathered body? What work is God calling us to do together that we cannot do separately?

We welcome all. Contact Lucinda Antrim, clerk of Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee, if you have any questions.

Where: Brooklyn Monthly Meeting House, 110 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, at Adams Street (Boerum Place).
When: Saturday, March 2, 2013; 9 am to 5 pm (with optional time in the evening for reflection).

Registration: Download the registration form here. The deadline for hospitality requests is February 15; there is no deadline for registration. Please send registration forms to NYYM, 15 Rutherford Pl., New York, NY 10003, or email it to The form is a Word document; you can just fill in the cells in the tables and mail or email it to the office.

Directions: Online at the Brooklyn Meeting website.

Contacts: Sally Campbell,, 212 787-3903. On March 2 ONLY call the Meetinghouse: 718 625-8705.

Financial assistance for appointees: If you are an appointee from your monthly meeting to the Meetings for Discernment and have questions or wish to request financial assistance, please contact Lucinda Antrim, 30 Luzern Rd., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522, (914) 693-2083, or

Donation: $10 donation suggested (more if you can, less if you can’t) towards food, childcare, etc. Please bring cash to pay on the day—please do not send money with your form.

Weather: If the weather seems questionable, please contact the Yearly Meeting office on Friday, March 1 (, 212 673-5750) or call one of the host contacts named above.


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Spring Sessions, April 5–7, Friends Academy, Long Island

Long Island Quarterly Meeting welcomes everyone to Spring Sessions, to do the business of the Yearly Meeting and to expand the life and witness of our Society. This is an opportunity to bring our meeting’s concerns to the attention of the Yearly Meeting and to report back the decisions of the sessions. We encourage as many Friends as possible to come and share the worship and the fellowship of the gathered Yearly Meeting.

F/friends are welcome to arrive on Friday evening, although no program is planned. Those being met at airports will be taken to Westbury Monthly Meeting, where host families will meet you. Those arriving by car will get directions to the host family or the motel or will be directed to meet their hosts at Matinecock Meeting. The Host Committee asks that those requesting hospitality, pick-up, or childcare return their registration forms no later than March 22.

Registration: You may register in two ways. Either fill out the registration form, save it, and e-mail it to Elaine Learnard at or print out the registration form and mail it to: Elaine Learnard, 122 Randall Avenue, Port Jefferson, NY 11777. You can download the registration form here. You may pay your registration fees electronically using the Yearly Meeting’s PayPal, which you can access using the “Make a Financial Contribution” button on the Yearly Meeting’s website home page. If paying by PayPal, please add $3.00 to your total registration amount to cover NYYM’s PayPal expense. If paying by check, checks should be made payable to NYYM and sent to 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003. The registration deadline is March 22, 2013.

For more information about meals, hospitality, meeting and display space, childcare, transportation, and the schedule, visit the Spring Sessions page elsewhere on the website.

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Parenting by Design or by the Seat of Our Pants
Powell House Conference

Secrets revealed! Parenting a middle- or high school-aged person is demanding, rewarding, confusing, and uplifting. Let’s join together and learn from each other about the ways that we raise our children to affirm our whole families. Discussions and activities will center on our parenting hopes and fears and how to address them. Topics might include: What is my kid reading/watching/listening to? And by the way, what is s/he wearing? Why doesn't s/he talk to me anymore? Is my kid having sex? And what do I do about it? What do I believe? How do I pass that on? What does my son or daughter believe? How do I know? When should I say “no”? How do the kids make such a great community seem so easy? We will create our own community this weekend and have so much fun in the process that we might be mistaken for a bunch of teens at a PoHo Youth Conference.

Julie Glynn is the parent of three kids aged 15, 13, and 10-and-a-half. She was once a kid, and was (in retrospect) a particularly difficult teen. As a youth she found joy and fellowship at Powell House. She helps with First Day School at Brooklyn Monthly Meeting.

Chris DeRoller facilitates youth programs for kids in 4th to 12th grade. She has spent time with hundreds of kids and listened in on conversations about school, love, spirit, sex, fears, hopes, anger, dreams, “boys, girls and everything in between”, music, art, god, parents, monsters, the future, the past, the Beatles, and Harry Potter. She enjoys creating spaces where people can open to one another and experience new things. She’s mom to a 14 year-old and an almost 21 year-old.

Register by March 5:
$220 for adults; $110 for ages 13–22, parents of youth attending Mythically Speaking, and commuters; $55 for infants to children age 12.
After March 5th: $240/$120/$60.

 Children’s Program and Childcare with 3 weeks' notice.

To register, call (518 794-8811), e-mail POWELL HOUSE, or write: 524 Pitt Hall Road, Old Chatham, NY 12136.

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Powell House: Free Sojourn or Weekend to New Members

Powell House is now offering a free sojourn or weekend to every new member in your monthly meeting. Email to reserve your time and space. Friends are welcome to attend a scheduled program, workshop, or spend some quiet time at Powell House, pending availability, any time during 2013.

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Powell House: Discounts Available for Multiple Registrations from a Meeting

Are there several members of your meeting who would like to come to a Powell House program? Powell House is offering a discount to individuals when more than one from a meeting register for the same regular-priced event scheduled for January-May, 2013.

When registering for the same regular-priced weekend, January through May, 2013:

1 person: $220 ea. 4 persons: $190 ea.
2 persons: $210 ea. 5 persons: $180 ea.
3 persons: $200 ea. 6 persons: $170 ea.

You can still register online and pay the $50 deposit. Be sure to note your meeting as well as the names of others you know will also register. The final balance will depend on the number from your meeting that actually attend.

Questions? Call Sharon at 518-794-8811 ext. 10.

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Scholarship Available for a Young Adult Friend to Attend a Meeting of Friends World Committee for Consultation—Section of the Americas

Where: Waycross Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, Morgantown, Indiana
When: Thursday, March 14 through Sunday, March 17

I (Diane Keefe) can't attend the meeting and I am offering a scholarship to cover airfare using my frequent flyer miles for a young adult Friend from NYYM if s/he is willing to travel from a NY metro area airport I would arrange. The registration and lodging costs are reasonable. If you need further financial assistance, you might consider asking your monthly or regional meeting, or holding a fundraising potluck. The agenda for the meeting is described more fully at and includes a "Living Water" workshop. Other highlights include the presence of Nadine Hoover and Eden Grace, folks steeped in the international AVP work of Friends. If more than one young Friend is interested, perhaps we can fund two air fares. If you are interested, please contact the Yearly Meeting office,

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Racial Justice Workshop: March 9, Rochester Meeting

Where: Rochester Friends Meeting House, 84 Scio Street, Rochester, NY
When: Saturday, March 9, 2013; 9am to 3pm

Almost fifty years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the United States is still a nation that produces enormous gaps in employment, income, savings, home ownership, prison sentencing, graduation rates, health, and disease. All these are based on the color of our skin.

Our schools are even more segregated now than they were after 1954’s Brown v Board of Education court ruling. How is this possible?

Workshop participants will work together to explore how race and ethnicity operate within our American institutions, between us as individuals, and what part we all unwillingly play in this. We will examine history, disparity, and privilege, and what we can do to change things.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop and registration is limited. Click here to download a flyer about this event. To reserve your spot, e-mail

Workshop is free. Lunch will be provided.

Workshop presented by the Racial Justice Committee of Metro Justice.
Metro Justice: working for change in the Rochester community for almost 50 years, 167 Flanders Street, Rochester, NY 14619, 585-325-2560.

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NYYM Friends on a Panel at a Conference of the United Nations
Committee on the Status of Women, March 9

Theme: "Don't Remain a Victim: You Can Avoid a Lifetime of Abuse"
Where: Boss Room (8th floor), Church Center, 777 First Avenue at 44th St., New York City, across the street from UN headquarters
When: Saturday, March 9, 2013, from 12:30 to 2:00

Judy Meikle, Wilton Meeting, an AVP facilitator, will speak on "Prison Revictimization from an Abolitionist Perspective", discussing her experience dealing with the criminal justice system and explaining her abolitionist perspective for reducing revictimization. Dana Raphael, Director of The Human Lactation Center, Ltd., also of Wilton Meeting, will speak on "The Urban Myths That Hurt Everyone", warning that urban myths are contagious and must be questioned, or they can hurt progressive work. They will be joined by four other panelists. The session is free and open to the public. You are welcome to come and to bring friends.

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Friends General Conference Gathering
June 30–July 6, 2013, in Colorado

Join 1200 Friends from across the US and Canada for a week of worship, deepening, and fun. The theme for this year is "At the Growing Edges of our Faith." In addition to a wide workshop choice and great programs for all ages, this year enjoy these distinctive parts of this first Gathering in Colorado:

  • A pre-Gathering daylong mountain excursion into the awe-inspiring Rockies.
  • A pre-Gathering retreat for Friends of Color and their families.
  • Vincent Harding, primary author of Dr. Martin Luther King’s "Beyond Viet Nam” speech, a man who has lived his life at the intersection of faith and activism, will dialog with us throughout the week about reconciliation.

As always, financial aid is available. Flights to the Denver airport are less expensive than you might think! Registration opens April 3. Find out more and sign up for monthly email updates at

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AVP Workshops Scheduled at Brooklyn Meeting

February 16–17 Advanced Workshop — Brooklyn Meetinghouse, 110 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
April 20–21 Training for Facilitators Workshop — Brooklyn Meetinghouse

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Farmington-Scipio Spring Gathering Guest Speaker:
Philip Gulley, Quaker Author

We are pleased to announce that our guest speaker for Spring Gathering for the Farmington-Scipio Region will be Philip Gulley, well-known Quaker author of such notable books as If Grace is True: Why God Will Save Everyone, and If the Church Were Christian. He will be giving a plenary session on Saturday morning, April 28th, and leading a workshop later that day. He has agreed to meet with teens and young adults on Friday evening to discuss careers.

Spring Gathering for Farmington-Scipio Region will be held at Long Point Camp on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes Region the weekend of April 27–29, 2013. All are welcome. For more information about Spring Gathering, contact Sue Tannehill.

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Silent Witness for Peace and Nonviolence
All invited!

Fifteenth Street Friends Silent Witness for Peace and Nonviolence Fifteenth Street Meeting invites you to join the monthly Quaker Silent Witness for Peace and Nonviolence every first Sunday under the Arch in Washington Square Park at the bottom of Fifth Avenue one block below 8th Street in New York City, 1-2 pm, going strong for over thirty years. ALL are welcome! 15th Street Meeting sponsored event.


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Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology
Memorial Day Weekend, May 22–27

The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology will meet this year on Memorial Day Weekend, May 22–27, at Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA. The plenary speaker will be Dr. Donald E. Kalsched, on the topic "Trauma and the Soul: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Human Development and Its Interruption." Small interest groups available for more personal and deeper exploration of the topic. For further information and registration: after March 1, 2013.

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We invite Your Articles on May Spark's Theme—Patriotism

Aside from being the registration issue for Summer Sessions, the May issue of Spark will also have the theme of patriotism. With the national holiday of Memorial Day approaching on May 27, we ask Friends to ponder these queries and consider submitting an article:

What does "patriotism" mean to you as a Quaker? How is it experienced and made manifest in your life—or how is it not? What joys, tensions, challenges arise for you in seeking to live fully and joyfully as both an American (a citizen of the state), and a child of God?

The deadline for the May issue is April 1. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

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Brooklyn Monthly Meeting Seeks Part-time Youth Worker

Brooklyn Monthly Meeting is seeking a part-time contract Teen Coordinator to develop a new program for high school aged NYC youth. This individual will conduct initial outreach to teens in the area, and then be responsible for organizing and running a monthly community meet-up. This position is ideal for an active individual that 1) likes the energy of teens, 2) understands the benefits of providing a healthy yet engaging community for teens in an urban area, and 3) is excited about the creative opportunity to design events with teens, or to select activities from the rich arts and culture of NYC.

This will be an annual 10-month contract (2 months off), with a chance for renewal. A $500 monthly stipend will be paid, and a budget is provided for supplies and activity costs. To apply send your resume to The teen subcommittee expects to begin conducting interviews in early March. Click this link to download a full description of the skills we are looking for.

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Genesee Valley Becomes an Executive Meeting

At Farmington-Scipio Winter Gathering, January 19, 2013, the region approved a minute establishing Genesee Valley Meeting as an executive meeting. This means Genesee Valley Meeting has the same responsibilities as a monthly meeting except that it does not have enough business to meet monthly. According to our book of Faith and Practice, executive meetings are advised to meet for business at least once every 3 months. Genesee Valley Meeting holds meeting for business every other month. Genesee Valley had previously been a preparative meeting, which, according to Faith and Practice, has "limited authority to conduct business mainly related to local property and finances, and to the preparation of business for submission to the monthly meeting." Genesee Valley Executive Meeting meets at Growing Places Creative Learning Center, 14 Battle St., Dansville, NY 14437.

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New York State Council of Churches
Seeks Executive Director

The Albany-based New York State Council of Churches is seeking an Executive Director. This 24-hour-a-week position requires skills in administration, communication, and development; and coordinates ecumenical efforts in social witness, chaplaincy, and interdenominational cooperation.

A Master’s degree in a relevant field is recommended. Submit a resume and cover letter to by March 15, 2013. The applicant does not need to live in the Albany area.

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NYYM Prayer List Resumed

The NEW YORK YEARLY MEETING PRAYER LIST is being revived by Julia Giordano (Bulls Head-Oswego Meeting) on a monthly basis. Our list will include prayer requests as well as thoughts about prayer and how to approach it.

If you have a request for prayer by Friends who feel led to this practice, your name can be added to the list either (1) by itself with no explanation, or (2) with a brief description as to why, or (3) with an asterisk that indicates that you don’t want to be contacted or asked why you are on the list. Please do not submit someone else’s name without that person’s permission.

If you feel a leading to deepen your walk with God through prayer, the Prayer List will explore the many ways in which Friends hold a person or concern in the light. Some of us are comfortable with the term “prayer;” some of us are not. However we experience our connection to the spirit, the List should serve as a monthly reminder to continue our practice.

To subscribe, please send an email to If you have a prayer request for our first letter, send it along.

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Would You Like a New York Yearly Meeting Directory?

Every so often in the past, New York Yearly Meeting has published a Directory of our entire membership (minus those Friends who do not want to appear in it, of course). We are considering doing so again, but first we want make sure that you really want one. Do you? Please contact the Yearly Meeting office ( to let us know. Thanks.

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Scarsdale Meeting Holds Quaker Quest Retreat

Scarsdale Meeting held a half-day retreat for Quaker Quest on January 12, facilitated by Kathy Slattery and Naceo Giles. The retreat involves exercises in presenting talks to each other on Quaker Quest topics—and everyone presents at this retreat, not just those who will later present in the public sessions. Those public sessions are scheduled for Sunday afternoons at the meetinghouse, 123 Popham Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583, March 3, 10 and 17, from 2 to 4 pm; and again in April at the meetinghouse on Wednesday evenings, the 3rd, 10th and 17th. The topics we've chosen are "Quakers and Spirituality," "Quakers and Environmental and Social Action," and "Quakers and Parenting."

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Epistle on Religious Education from a Gathering in Philadelphia

A group of religious educators met for a weekend through a grant from the Pickett Fund to discuss our common concerns about the state of religious education among Friends. Click here to view the epistle. After writing the epistle, the group focused on naming follow-up steps and plans telephone meetings to continue the momentum. You can contact Kathleen Karhnak-Glasby if you are interested in more information.

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Friends Council on Education Letter to the White House
on Gun Violence and Gun Control

On January 14, 2013, Friends Council on Education sent a letter to the White House asking President Obama and Vice President Biden and our nation's policy leaders to pursue President Obama's plea for reasonable and rational gun safety legislation. Click here to view their letter.

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Travel Calendar — General Secretary
Christopher Sammond
December 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013

Note: The December InfoShare had a faulty link to Christopher's schedule, so we are including the information that should have been available then.


7–8 Priorities Working Group, New Brunswick Meetinghouse, New Brunswick, NJ
8–9 Visit Manasquan Monthly Meeting, Manasquan, NJ
11 NYYM Staff retreat, Denville, NJ
21 Visit Cayuga Worship Group, Moravia, NY


4-5 Traveling Friends Retreat, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY
6 Visit Housatonic Monthly Meeting, New Milford, CT
12 Visit Auburn Prison Preparative Meeting, Auburn, NY
18–19 FGC Consultation on starting new meetings, Pendle Hill
20 Visit Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting, Plainfield, NJ
25–26 Attend Coordinating Weekend, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY
27 Attend Sessions Committee Meeting, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY


6–8 Clerk North American Ministries Committee of FUM, Richmond, IN
11 Visit with Farmington Monthly Meeting Ministry and Counsel, Farmington, NY
15–28 Sabbatical Leave


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Travel Calendar — Associate Secretary
Helen Garay Toppins
February, 2013


February 10 Flushing Meeting, Flushing, NY — Leading Monthly Meeting Retreat
February 17 Woodbourne Prison, Quaker Worship Group, Woodbourne, NY
March 2 Meeting for Discernment, Brooklyn Meeting
April 5–7 Spring Sessions, Locust Valley, NY, Long Island Quarter


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Travel Calendar — Young Adult Field Secretary
Gabrielle Savory Bailey
February to May, 2013

February 8–10 — Visit Adirondack Monthly Meeting in Glens Falls, NY
There will be a gathering of YAF and families on Saturday evening. On Sunday anyone in the area is welcome to worship at 10:30. I am hoping to bring the message to worship. If you have never experienced a programmed worship, this would be a great opportunity.

February 22–24 — Co-Facilitate the Creativity and Spirituality Weekend at Powell House
This is not an official function of my position. However, it is a great time to get to know people and discover gifts in each other. Please join us!

March 2 — Meeting for Discernment, Brooklyn Monthly Meeting
Meeting for Discernment is an ongoing experiment of the Yearly Meeting in deep listening. It allows us as a Yearly Meeting to listen for the movement of the spirit in our Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups. We meet twice a year in extended worship over the course of a day, held in prayer by a body of elders—once at Summer Sessions at Silver Bay, and once in the winter or early spring at locations around the Yearly Meeting. This March, Meeting for Discernment is at Brooklyn Monthly Meeting. Meetings are asked to appoint members to attend but all are encouraged to come. Worship can become deep; one Friend described his experience thus: “The very experience of sitting together for several hours builds trust. By the middle of the afternoon messages often come from tender places of uncomfortable Truth.”

Although the first intent of the Meeting for Discernment is listening for the concerns and joys of our monthly meetings, it also allows us to sense ourselves as a Yearly Meeting body and supports our prayer life and presence in the world. A Friend says: “I often struggle with long periods of worship. My mind wanders, my body hurts. I do it because it deepens my spirit enabling me to walk over the earth answering that of God in more than the usual number of people. In the days following Meetings for Discernment I find that I’m more joyful and have a greater sense of well-being.”

Out of worship we respond to queries formulated by the steering committee on Meetings for Discernment. For our March 2 session, our morning queries will focus on monthly meetings: What are your dreams, yearnings, and hopes for your meeting? What is God calling your meeting to become? For the afternoon session we ask friends to explore these queries: What are your hopes, leadings, and expectations for our yearly meeting as a gathered body? What work is God calling us to do together that we cannot do separately?

March 17 — Visit Albany Monthly Meeting

April 5–7 — Spring Sessions, Locust Valley, NY, Long Island Quarter
Truth be told, I love Spring Sessions. It is an efficient way to see what is happening in the Yearly Meeting. I get to catch up with people that I have not seen since Summer or Fall. I get to dabble in the committees and coordinating committees with no commitment to joining. I do not have the same expense as summer sessions, and less time commitment, but I still walk away connected to the wider Quaker body. Also, I get to stay with other Friends whom I may or may not know yet, for free! I LOVE staying with Friends and seeing them at home, and getting to know them. It is another gift of travelling, and knowing each other in different ways. If you have not been to Spring Sessions, please consider going. Financial aid is available.

May 10–12 — Lead a Family Weekend at Powell House (details coming soon!)

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Schedule of Upcoming Quarterly, Half-Yearly,
and Regional Meetings

Meeting Date Location Link for more info
All Friends April 28 Chatham-Summit  
Butternuts May 18 Hamilton  
Farmington-Scipio April 26–28 (Spring Gathering) Long Point Camp, Penn Yan, NY  
Long Island April 28 Matinecock  
New York April 21 Fifteenth Street  
Nine Partners May 5 Bulls Head-Oswego  
Northeastern May 5 Schenectady  
Purchase May 5 TBD  
Shrewsbury & Plainfield March 23 Shrewsbury Click here

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