InfoShare, October 2015

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 14 October 2015 Number 5
Editor: Steven Davison    


Powell House Youth Conference 2015Powell House Youth Conference —
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Notes & Announcements

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Purchase Meeting offered an empty house—any ideas?

Purchase Meeting has been approached by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to inquire whether we might be interested in becoming custodians of a vacant house that is located across the street from our Meeting.
    The house is on watershed protection property. The DEP has put on a new roof and windows but completely gutted the inside of the house down to its studs; there is no plumbing, heating, or electrical wiring. It is a two-story home with a walkable attic that could be finished to dormitory space. There is a garage and another small out-building on the property. There are no interior walls on the first floor; the second floor could probably accommodate 2-3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The DEP is offering the house to us for a long-term lease at very minimal cost.
    Purchase Meeting is not in a position to undertake renovation of this building or manage the property by ourselves. However, as we brainstormed possible uses of the building, it seems a remarkable opportunity for the wider Quaker community in the downstate NYYM area to consider. Some of our ideas include:

Powell House South
Re-entry training and transitional housing for ex-offenders
A Quaker hospice
Co-housing for elderly Quakers
Housing and office space for NYYM staff
Young Friends in Residence housing

It is also an opportunity to completely “green” the building, whichever use it could eventually have. Purchase Meeting’s large parking lot is across the street and both facilities could be used in concert.
    If this sounds intriguing, and you would like to participate in the feasibility discussions, please contact or 203-661-8516.

Race in America—Scarsdale Book Discussion Group

Description on the Scarsdale website.

4th Sundays: Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 — 12:45pm–2pm — followed by conversation and coffee. All welcome!

Transformative Justice Conference at Pendle Hill

John Meyer, the Education Coordinator at Pendle Hill, is looking for input from Friends who share this concern and would like to participate.

Dates: March 10–13, 2016.
Contact: John Meyer,, 610-566-4507 ext. 129.

A call arose from the 110 Friends and others participating in the Ending Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow conference last spring to bring together those envisioning and experimenting with community-based restorative and transformative justice models as radical alternatives to the punishment paradigm of the carceral state. Many schools and communities are experimenting with models that draw together those who are harmed (including people directly and indirectly harmed by an offense), the community, and the person who has engaged in the harmful conduct to discern the way to repair the harm done and restore the community to harmony and balance. Can we learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters the value of honoring and strengthening the relationships at the foundation of community, rather than judging and exiling those whose actions harm the ties of community?

Oakwood School chooses a new Head of School

Oakwood School's Board of Managers has chosen Chad Cianfrani as the School's 38th Head of School. Chad Cianfrani has served Oakwood for over a decade, most recently as Associate Head of Operations and Technology and Interim Head of School. Click the following to download the formal announcement.

FUM's Chain of Prayer

Download the flyer and registration form to receive an information packet, poster, and Daily Prayer Guide for your meeting. The Chain of Prayer runs from January 1 to May 15, which is Pentecost Sunday. It's a way to link your meeting to another in meaningful, intentional prayer.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Youth Conferences at Powell House

A new season of Youth Conferences at Powell House has started! Youth conferences are an opportunity for kids to experience, in a joyous and nurturing space, core spiritual practices that are essential to the Religious Society of Friends and life in general. They are for those who wish to grow, share, and care in community. We welcome all youth.  The group thrives in the wide diversity of spiritual traditions that our participants bring.
    Conferences are $125 for the weekend and include meals, lodging and program. There is a $30 discount for first time participants. Financial aid is available. Parents bringing their children to the youth program are eligible for a 50% discount on Powell House programs occurring concurrently in Pitt Hall. Pre-registration for both is required.
    October/November conferences are below.  For more information or to register visit our web site: or give us a call at 518-794-8811.
    Hope to see many of you this Fall,
    Chris DeRoller and Mike Clark

Oct. 9 –11: Apples to Awesome Sauce—6th to 8th grade
    What kind of apple would you be? Round, star-shaped, tart, sweet, green, yellow, red, hard, or mushy…. They each make good applesauce. Including a wide variety of them makes an even better applesauce. Join us here in apple country at the most apple-filled time of year. We will play apples-to-apples, cook up some awesome applesauce (and just maybe a pie or two), and practice ways to include a wide variety of people in the “apple sauce” of our daily lives. 

Pssst . . . The Youth Institute returns to PoHo April 22–24, 2016
Reserve your seats now.

October 23-25: Who? What? Where? — 4th & 5th grade
A mystery weekend filled with clues to find, riddles to solve, and puzzles to piece together. Games to play. Friends to make. Autumn leaves to leap into. Plus some questions to consider: What’s mysterious to you? What do you wonder about? How do you know what you know?

October 30-Nov 1: Tapping into the Mystical — 9th to 12th grade
    Feeling what we cannot touch. Talking about things for which we have no words. Being touched by love and joy in times of anguish and despair. Sharing our different ways to tap into the mystical: how we experience the Inner Light that is available to anyone at any time or any place. Words are seldom sufficient, though hugs, smiles or spontaneous glowing get us closer. We may tap Chi, tap drums around the fire, tap our feet to music jams, tap someone to join the Freeze improv skit, tap our fingers to give a massage, and tap our toes to the ground before settling into Silence.  

November 20-22: I. Am. Changing — 6th to 8th grade
    You’re changing. You know more things, can do more things, have seen more things, and are more aware of the world around you. So who are you now?  How did you get here? Who do you want to be? How will you get there? How will you change the world? How can we help you? Quests and hero training may be part of it. Centering in the light may be part of it. Stretching out and sinking down may be part of it. Good food, good friends and belly laughter will feed us on our journey.

Dec 4- 6: Pop! Pop! Popping II — 4th& 5th grade
    We had so much fun with this a couple years ago we’re bringing it back. Are you so excited that you just might burst! So angry you think you’ll explode? Feeling so sad all the air’s gone out of you? Holidays can fill you up or drain you completely. Sometimes they do both at almost the same time. We’ll try out some ways to stay rounded, grounded and light. AND create things that float, spin and pop, to give as gifts or use as reminders to hang in there, smile and breathe.

17th White Privilege Conference

Thursday, April 14 – Sunday, April 17, 2016
White Privilege Conference website

The annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) is coming to Philadelphia! This much-anticipated event attracts over 2,000 people from faith communities and all sectors of the workforce, activists, students, musicians, and artists. The conference provides the participants with opportunities to examine challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and to seek solutions and strategies working toward a more equitable world.
    The conference includes workshops, keynote speakers, an evening film series, and a high school youth conference. There are caucuses for people of color, college students, educational professionals, LGBT community, white anti-racists, and others. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) together with Undergraduate/Graduate college credit in Education or Sociology are available.
    The conference theme this year is Let Freedom Ring: Re-Imagining Equity and Justice in the United States. Can your monthly meeting identify at least two Friends who are led to attend the WPC and financially support their cost of attendance*?
    * Cost of attendance includes conference registration, accommodation, and travel. A significant group discount rate is available for registration when booked through FGC. The conference location is the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown where rooms are available or local Friends may be able to provide hospitality.
    For further information contact Robin Alpern, Clerk of NYYM WPC Task Group,

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Staff Travel Calendars

ARCH Staff

Oct 17 Callie ARCH Visitors Training 2 Mini Retreat, 15th St, NY
Oct 25 Callie Meet with Flushing M&O, Flushing, NY
Oct 30–Nov 1 Anita & Callie ARCH Visitor Training 1, Ocean Grove, NJ
Nov 6–8 Anita, Barbara & Callie Fall Sessions, Rensselaer & Old Chatham, NY
Nov 21 Barbara Quaker Values and End of Life Decision Making, Albany, NY
Dec 4–6 Anita Visitor Training for New England YM's SAGE program

General Secretary, Christopher Sammond

8–9 Attend FUM General Board Meeting, Richmond, IN
10 Partricipate in Outreach Roundtable, Shrewsbury Meeting, Shrewsbury, NJ
11 Visit Chatham-Summit Meeting, Chatham, NJ
17 Attend Sessions Committee meeting, Poughkeepsie Meeting, Poughkeepsie, NY
18 Facilitate retreat for All Friends Regional Meeting on "Opening to New Life in Our Meetings"
31 Budget Saturday, Purchase Meeting, Purchase, NY
1 Visit Scarsdale Meeting, Scarsdale, NY
2–6 Jury Duty
6–8 Attend Fall Sessions, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY & Doane Stuart School, Rensselaer, NY
18 Attend mid-week event, Fifteenth Street Meeting, NY, NY
20–22 Co-facilitate Annual Northeast Regional Christ-centered Friends Retreat, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY
13 Visit Matinecock Meeting, Locust Valley, NY

Associate Secretary, Helen Garay Toppins

Oct 4 Memorial Meeting for Larry Jaeger, Brookly Meeting, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 10 Outreach Roundtable, Shrewsbury Meeting, Shrewsbury, NJ
Oct 17 Sessions Committee, Poughkeepsie Meeting, Poughkeepsie, NY
Nov 6–8 Fall Sessions, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY & Doane Stuart School, Rensselaer, NY


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