InfoShare, Summer 2014

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 13 Summer 2014 Number 4
Editor: Steven Davison    

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Notes & Announcements


Notes & Announcements

Make Our Garden Grow.
When Joyce Schroeder (Purchase Meeting), our plenary speaker at Summer Sessions, was in worship before attending Sessions, she heard a message: "Make our garden grow."
    In her plenary presentation at Summer Sessions, Joyce invited Friends to hold the question of how each of us might be led to make our garden grow in the context of our implementation of the priorities approved during those sessions. These priorities were discerned by the Priorities Working Group from its extensive visitation with local meetings to learn the priorities of local Friends.
    We have created a forum in which Friends can share their responses to this query with each other. We invite you to visit the Make Our Garden Grow forum on our website to share your response to this query.
    Note that when you post a comment, the website notifies the website manager (Steven Davison, communications director), who then publishes the comment manually, as a measure to control spam. So it may take a little while for your comment to show if you post your comment on the his days off.

Submit articles to Spark on religious education.
The September Spark is all about Quaker education. We want to include articles that illustrate how we teach the Quaker testimonies. How do you raise your children and students to live out the testimony of simplicity in a consumer-oriented society? How do you raise them to be peaceful when the news is filled with rockets and bombs? How do you raise them to be non-racist when they are surrounded by inequality? What do you do in your home? monthly meeting? First Day School? What do you do if you are a professional educator? Please send your responses and articles to with a copy to by August 18th. If you have ideas for future themes for Spark, please let us know.

A Quaker Presence at the September 21 People’s Climate March

Responding to the request of the Earthcare Working Group and 15th Street Meeting during Summer Sessions, NYYM Friends approved the Yearly Meeting's support of the People's Climate March that will take place in New York City on September 21 (see our page on this minute of conscience on our website in the Actions We Have Taken section). New York Yearly Meeting is a registered participant organization in the March, which is timed to coincide with a gathering of world leaders for the United Nations Climate Summit 2014. The Summit is intended to “galvanize and catalyze global climate action.”

    The Earthcare Working Group, 15th Street Meeting, and other NY metropolitan area meetings and Friends are organizing a Quaker presence at the March, and hospitality for Friends visiting the area to participate in the event.

    For hospitality and March logistics, please contact: Margaret Lew and Maureen Healy of 15th Street Meeting.
For NYYM Earthcare Working Group Information, please contact Pamela Boyce Simms or Patricia Chernoff.

Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America's Native Peoples
In response to a call to faith communities from the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the World Council of Churches to take a deep look at the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, Boulder Meeting in Colorado is making available a 2-hour participatory workshop and Resource Kit with the above title, and a 50-minute program for middle and high school students called Re-Discovering America: Understanding Colonization.
    New York Yearly Meeting approved a minute repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery at Summer Sessions 2012 and the Yearly Meeting's Indian Affairs Committee has made other resources on this topic available on their committee page. This workshop has already been presented in Syracuse and Ithaca. There will be a training on Aug 6th in Syracuse for those interested in becoming presenters of this workshop. For information, contact Donna McDaniel by email.

Quaker ham radio network
If you already are a ham radio operator—or you might want to become one—please contact Steven Davison, the Yearly Meeting communications director. We would like to include this community in the Yearly Meeting's emergency communications network and we would like to build this community among Friends more broadly. Members of the Yearly Meeting's Earthcare Working Group (EWG) have explored this technology as part of their participation in the Transition environmental movement, with an interest that goes beyond emergency communications, though this is an important contribution. According to EWG, 500 ham radio operators provided the ONLY consistent means of communication in lower Manhattan for two days after 911 when police and fire emergency communications networks were down. The same was the case all over the East coast during hurricanes Irene, Sandy, and Lee, as well as during Hurricane Katrina.

Clerk's Visitation Initiative—An Invitation Reminder
We remind Friends that a movement has begun in the Yearly Meeting of visitation and it is bearing wonderful fruit. As of this writing, 78 Friends have recorded a visit to meeting for worship at another meeting or worship group this year. We also have set up an online forum where Friends can share ideas, suggestions, stories, and concerns about visitation more widely. Here’s where to go: link to forum.
    For information about the Clerk’s visitation initiative itself, go to the Visitation web site, and/or look at the information page

State of the Meeting Queries
It is time to begin thinking of our State of the Society Report for next year. This year Ministry Coordinating Committee invites Friends to use the guidelines in Faith and Practice on page 125 (or visit this section of Faith and Practice on the website) for their State of the Meeting reports rather than its ususal practice of sending out specific custom queries for reflection. Please respond to the sections of Faith and Practice that speak to your condition and experience, following the process and suggestions given there. The information in Faith and Practice may help guide your response.
    We are sending this message early this year so that Friends can send their reports in by March 1st at the latest to give the Committee adequate time to prepare the State of Society report. It is not necessary that your report cover a calendar year if that makes it difficult to complete it by the March 1st deadline.
    Thank you for your cooperation with this yearly report.

Irma Guthrie, Clerk
Ministry Coordinating Committee

Send us your news!
For September's Spark and the next InfoShare (published in mid-October). The deadline for Spark is August 18; for October InfoShare, October 1.

NYYM Prayer List
    If you would like Friends in the Yearly Meeting to pray for you or someone you know, or if you would like to join the Prayer List as one of the pray-ers, or if you would like to learn more about the List, please contact John Edminster, the List's coordinator. Remember that if you want to offer someone for prayer, make sure you ask them first whether it's okay to do that.

Aging Resources, Consultation and Help (ARCH) Activities

Callie Janoff, Anita Paul, & Barbara Spring, ARCH Coordinators

Autumn, 2014

Join ARCH Staff and Visitors as we build our skills, renew our spirits, and share resources as a community of care.

September 12-13 – Committee on Aging Concerns Retreat. Barbara Spring, Anita Paul, and Callie Janoff at Poughkeepsie Meeting.

September 20 – Celebrating and Gathering Life Stories, At Ithaca Meeting, Farmington-Scipio Fall Gathering workshop. Everyone has a story!

October 14 – Visitor Enrichment. At Chatham-Summit Meeting for New Jersey ARCH Visitors.

October 19 – Living & Dying Well in the Beloved Community—A special retreat for Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting, at Medford Meeting, Medford, NJ. Led by Barbara Spring and George Schaefer, director, PhYM Care and Aging Program.

November 21–23 – ARCH Visitor Training II, Additional training for ARCH Visitors at Powell House.

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