Fall Sessions 2013


Welcome to Fall Sessions 2013!

Click the following to go straight to the Registration Form for Fall Sessions. PDF file here.

New York Yearly Meeting Fall Sessions is scheduled for the weekend of November 15-17. Two venues will be used: Chatham-Summit Monthly Meeting (CSMM) for the Friday evening program and Sunday meetings, and Caldwell College (CC) for meetings and activities on Saturday. The Host Committee for the weekend is comprised of Friends from All Friends Regional Meeting. AFRM is composed of Chatham-Summit, Montclair, Ridgewood, Dover-Randolph, and Rockland Monthly Meetings. We look forward to welcoming you.

We on the Host Committee want you to feel welcome, whether you are an experienced participant in these Sessions or a newcomer to the world of Friends. At the beginning of our weekend, Friday night, we want to create a deepened sense of connectedness. We want you to be comfortable. We wish to anticipate your needs (though you need to let us know what they are!). We want you to share healthy meals with friends old and new. We want families to feel especially welcome and reassured that their children—from infants through teens—will be well cared for and engaged in a meaningful program. In sum, we want the mechanics of the places and the spaces to go smoothly so that you can experience the aliveness, the Spirit moving through thelife and work of New York Yearly Meeting.

We Host Committee members are working hard towards these ends. We would like to engage you in helping make all of this happen. The most important thing you can do in that regard is to make a commitment to coming, and to let us know you’re coming by the registration due date of November 2, 2013. We are Setting the Table for you, and if we don’t know how many people are coming, it makes things bumpier and more stressful—for us and for you. Is there an obstacle that keeps you from being sure you can attend? The responsibility of an elder, of children, of a household, of a job, perhaps—or something else that is causing you to hesitate? Can you seek the help of your meeting community or of your committee clerk to smooth the way? Caldwell College wi-fi will be available, in case you need to stay in touch back home. And remember that resources are available to help with the cost. Finally, please don’t stay away because you can’t be there for everything. Come for whatever time you have: each person is a part of the whole.

Committee clerks: Please register by November 2, and remind your members to do so as well. Also, please submit your requests for room space for your committee meetings and for your displays by this same due date. If you have handouts, try to get there early. See note under “Parking” (bottom of "Travel", page 11) re dropping off materials at the door. Assign someone to close up any displays and remove extra materials before leaving.

Clerks of meetings: Encourage members to attend Fall Sessions, and remind them to register in advance. Arrange for your meeting community to make it possible for those to attend who feel led to do so. Remind everyone in late October that the registration date of November 2 is approaching.

Parents: We hope you will come and bring your children. Please read the article in this issue about the Youth Program (opposite) so that you can see that plans are in place to care for your children, whatever their ages. Contact either of the Youth Program coordinators with any questions or needs that you foresee. We especially need to know about the children coming, so please register promptly. And please note that a filled-in and signed Medical Release Form is required for each child. We welcome Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs).

Below are further details about Registration procedures, meals, and fees, the Schedule, Travel Directions, Lodging, and the Friday night event with Chris and Mike of Powell House and the Youth Program. For who-to-call-about-what, we have provided a listing of Helpful People and Information. A dedicated spot at www.NYYM.org will be available for posting further information, including advance reports.

We look forward to welcoming you at Fall Sessions, 2013.