Friends United Meeting


Welcome to our Friends United Meeting committee page.

NYYM's Appointments to the Board of Friends United Meeting (FUM)

About FUM. Friends United Meeting (FUM) is an association of thirty-four yearly meetings of the Religious Society of Friends in North America, Africa, and the Caribbean with headquarters in Richmond, Indiana, and offices in Kisumu, Kenya.

About our appointments. New York Yearly Meeting appoints members to the FUM General Board who as a body are under the care of Nurture Coordinating Committee in the Nurture Section of the yearly meeting. You can find the current members of the Board in the latest Yearbook, which you can find in the Committees section of the Yearbook here.

Friends United Meeting as a Fellowship

In addition to what FUM strives to do (see below), FUM strives to be a global fellowship.

Click the following to download a booklet about Friends United Meeting's global fellowship, which also includes information about its programs.

Friends United Meeting's Work in the World

Through NYYM's World Ministries Committee, we fund FUM projects around the world. These include:

Friends Discernment Regarding FUM's Personnel Policy

Background information—click the link.

Some Friends and some meetings in New York Yearly Meeting have been in discernment about what their relationship should be, and what NYYM's relationship should be, to Friends United Meeting, given FUM's personnel policy, which many Friends perceive as being de facto discriminatory toward LGBTQ Friends.

If you or your meeting are in such a process of discernment, we urge you to visit our web page dedicated to this concern. It provides context and background information that is necessary for pursuing this concern with faithfulness and integrity.